The ANSI B11 series of general industry machine safety standards has benefited from the leadership of many people over the years.  Appropriately, the B11 Standards Developing Committee (B11 SDC) has established a Hall of Fame to recognize and honor the contributions and achievements of outstanding individuals who have demonstrated leadership and diligence in their ethical pursuit of advancing state of the art machine safety.  The B11 SDC periodically nominates and inducts these individuals into its Hall of Fame in recognition of their work; these inductees are known as The Fellows of ANSI B11.


ANSI B11 Fellows have participated actively in the development of B11 American National Standards and have generally made some sort of major technical or innovative contribution/impact to either ANSI B11 standards or the ‘B11 community’ or are held in high esteem within the machinery and/or safety sectors.  Development of standards for the safe design, construction and use of machines in general industry has saved lives and protected the health and well-being of thousands of workers.


The current list of Fellows of ANSI B11 Standards includes: 

William Atkinson, Jr.

Theodore Wire

Emmett McCarthy

John F. Bloodgood

Joseph W. Hart

Herbert Goetz

James G. Barrett, Jr.

Mathew Einecker

Robert Jordon

William Roorda

Barry Stockton

Christopher Zielenga

William E. Gaskin

Gary D. Kopps

Wayne Groenstein

John W. Russell

Anthony Bratkovich

John Aschauer

Michael A. Taubitz

Bruce W. Main

Heinz E. Knackstedt

Dennis R. Cloutier

Michael S. Carlson

Christopher A. Soranno